Capacity - the event capacity is 56 players.

Entry Fee - the anticipated entry fee for this event is £136 per player. (This is based on a rate of £17 per player per day for 9 days. This rate is subject to ratification by the WCF Council when the 2023 Budget is approved later this year).


Qualifying Tournament – this will be held from 3rd August to 5th August 2023 at Eastbourne, Sussex. Further information on how to enter the qualifier will be published early in 2023.

Further details have been published on the WCF website:

I draw your attention specifically to the Response Date of Saturday, 7th January 2023. Please ensure you send me the requested information by this date.


RESPONSE DATE: 7th January 2023
This is the date by which all WCF Members are requested to inform the WCF Management Committee:

(a) if they want to take up their Membership Place or Places. (RCO’s should advise whether they would like to request a Membership Place);

(b) the names of their eligible players who want a Ranking or Membership place in the Event; and

(c) the names of any of those players they wish to nominate for a Wild Card Place.

Individual players who are affiliated to a WCF Member and want to gain a place in the Event must announce their availability via their Member.  However, if a player is not affiliated to a WCF Member and is not eligible to represent any WCF Member, they should contact the Secretary-General directly.

ALLOCATION DATE: 21st January 2023
The highest grades achieved by players in the 12 months ending on this date will be used to determine the initial allocation of Ranking Places.

ANNOUNCEMENT DATE: 4th February 2023
The players who have been awarded Ranking Places and Wild Card Places will be announced on this date.

CLOSING DATE: 14th March 2023
This is the last date on which Members can nominate players for Membership Places.

CUT-OFF DATE: 22nd June 2023
This is the date after which any returned places are generally filled by creating extra Qualifying Places.


Any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please respond by 11.59pm (UK time) Saturday, 7th January 2023.

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