We are glad to present to you the event that was last held 12 years ago in 2011.
The 2023 European Team Championship will be held between 2-5 August 2023 at the Cheltenham Croquet Club in Cheltenham, England.

Main Event
The event capacity is up to 16 teams. There will be 10 courts available if required. The entry fee for a team will be £204, based on a rate of £17 per player per day. This rate is subject to ratification by the WCF Council when the 2023 Budget is approved this month.

National teams of 3 players (1 AC player + 2 GC players per match). A squad may comprise up to 5 players.
The format of the event will be decided according to the number of entered teams, the specific Event Regulations will be drawn and published in due course.

Entry Method
European Members and RCOs should submit their entries, by the response date, to erc@worldcroquet.orgPlease note that the Response Date is 5 March 2023.

The ERC will offer to the participating teams a referee course and a coaching session at the Cheltenham Club during the days before the Championship. Details will follow after the Response Date.

Further information about the event, including local accommodation and attractions, the event timetable and any other relevant information, will be published nearer the start date.
Response Date - 05/03/2023
This is the date by which Members and RCOs should express their wish to participate. Team members do not have to be known or announced at this stage.

Announcement Date - 19/03/2023
ERC will announce the names of participating countries.

Team Announcement Date - 04/06/2023
The date by which Members and RCOs are required to name the players selected for their teams or squads.

Entry Fee Due Date - 04/06/2023
Entry fees must be paid by this date.

Draft Playing Regulations are attached to this email. Detailed Regulations will be drafted and approved after the number of participating teams is fixed.
Best regards,
Roberts Stafeckis
ERC Chairman
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