Main Event
The event capacity is 20 players. The entry fee for successful entrants will be £68.00, based on a rate of £17 per player per day for 4 days.

Main Event Format
Blocks: there will be 4 blocks of 5, with the top 2 going through to a 8 player Knockout.

Knockout - Best of 3 matches. Blocks and consolation events - single games.

Consolation Events:
Plate, Bowl and Shield as follows:

Round 1:  Block placed 4th play Block placed 5th
Round 2: Block placed 3rd play winners of Round 1
Round 3 (Quarter-Finals): Round 2 winners play Main Event Round 1 losers
Followed by semi-final and final

Plate: for those who lose in Round 1 and 2 of the Bowl

Shield: for the 4 Bowl round 3 losers

Double Banking
All games will be double banked.

Response Date:  17th February 2024

Entry Method
Players should submit their availability to their Member Governing Body in accordance with their published entry method. Any applicants from non-Member countries should email their availability, by the response date, to

Allocation Process

Allocation shall be done according to the WCF Sports Regulations taking into account specific Variations to the WCF Regulations to be used in all ERC events, version 1.1 published on WCF website Europe page.

The Member Place Limit for this event is 3.

Player Information
Successful entrants should note that contact details, a photograph and a short bio for the programme, must be provided to the ERC as per the published timetable.

Further information about the event, including local accommodation and attractions, the event timetable and any other relevant information, will be published nearer the start date.

Here is the link to the event information on WCF website: 

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