The 2nd Over-50s Golf Croquet World Championship is scheduled to be played in Cairo from Sunday 5 to Saturday 11 October 2014.  A Qualifying Tournament will be held from Wednesday 1 to Friday 3 October.  The events will be organised by the Egyptian Croquet Federation on behalf of the World Croquet Federation and governed by the current version of the Sports Regulations (version 8.4).

The WCF Management Committee began the Invitation Process with effect from 6 December 2013.  In accordance with Sports Regulation, Appendix 1, paragraph 1, Members are asked to consider if they wish to be offered Allocated Places in the Event.  Members are asked to communicate their decision to me no later than 31 January 2014.

The Ranking Date is proposed to be 1 February 2014.  Each Member which has asked to be offered Allocated Places will be informed shortly after that date how many Allocated Places it has been awarded and will be asked to nominate Players to fill those places.  It will also be invited to nominate additional players for consideration for Wild Card Places.

The Closing Date will be 1 May 2014 and is the latest date by which nominations for Allocated Places and Wild Card Places must be communicated to the Secretary-General.

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