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  • We hereby welcome you to the Norway Open 2013!

    The Norway Open in Golf Croquet will be held from the 24th to 25th of august, 2013 at Hurum Golf Course. Hurum is a beautiful peninsula situated 5 miles south of Oslo. Surrounding the 4 full sized croquet greens, you find beautiful fields, hills, and evergreen forests. In the nearby vicinity you may pitch your own tent or simply rent a cozy cottage on a camping ground just a couple of kilometers away. A more fancy hotel is certainly also an option in the area. 

    The tournament can facilitate for a total of 24 players. The details concerning the setup of the tournament will be decided at a later stage based on the number of players. The tournament fee is set at 500,- NOK and includes lunch both days. Participating countries must register by the 1th of April and registration is binding. 

    Each country should bring along their national flag. There will also be a player’s barbecue on Saturday where players bring the food and beverage they want and need. 

    The tournament fee is payed on arrival.

    We are looking forward to seeing you at Hurum this summer. 

    For any questions, please contact Roar Michalsen at smichals@online.no



    Norwegian Croquet Association

    Roar Michalsen



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